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Barosse for a romantic getaway. Por Antonina Lobanova

Barosse for a romantic getaway

November 18, 2016

New Year 2016… We were considering several options how to celebrate it. Some of the options considered were:

  • At home in Russia with salad ‘Olivier’, mandarins, soviet champagne, and presidential speech when the Kremlin clock rings followed by the typical Russian musical tv-shows

  • At home in Spain with jamon, croquetas, Rioja wine, and loud Spanish family conversations

  • Visiting a big European city with fireworks and a bunch of drunk party people celebrating it together with us

  • Staying at home in Germany and inviting friends along

  • Or a romantic getaway somewhere…

In the end the idea of a romantic getaway had most of the votes (even if it was only two of us voting) and given the fact that I was expecting the idea of celebrating last new year just two of us looked very attractive. My pregnancy didn’t make it easy to travel. We didn’t want to fly too far or too much. So in the end we decided to stay in Spain after Christmas and find a romantic getaway place there. And I must say it is not very difficult as I think Spain is an amazing country full of potential romantic getaway places or any other type of places.  

Here I must thank my man as he was the one finding the beautiful place I am about to share with you. So we packed up our things and we were on the road. I only knew that it was a romantic place close to the mountains and for adults only (luckily pregnant women were allowed).

Driving with 7-months pregnant lady isn’t always fun, a number of stops we had to make just for 3 hours drive was a bit too high compared to our previous so-to-say normal car trips. The good thing was that the area is very beautiful and you get to enjoy the stops not just for your physical needs but also for your eyes and memory. So you can imagine we arrived pretty late and looking for the final destination in the night in the middle of nowhere never easy. Making couple of extra turns and rounds (as always navy is useless in such a situation) we finally found the place. Just looking at the door sign and the door itself gave me good vibes… I already knew the place was gonna be awesome. We rang the door and a lovely man appeared. We were supposed to follow him… and we did… passing by the garden, the entrance, the stairs… ‘oh my… where are we?’ I thought. So beautiful, so romantic, so tasteful. We got a little tour around the house – beautifully decorated rooms, old luxury furniture, smell of relaxing spa, the quietness… all of it was like saying we were gonna have an unforgettable new year celebration. Then we walked into our room which was in a little house outside the main house. Garden, trees, lights, fountain… I thought I was in a fairy tale. We opened the door and the inside decor was simply amazing. If you google ‘romantic getaway ‘ – the picture of this place should be popping up. Warm air, candle lights in the darkness, slow music in the background, bubble bath tab in the room… Every detail of the place was remarkable. It was like a castle but better than a castle.

We unpacked and settled. Of course the first thing I did was taking a picture and checking in on social media. Then I couldn’t resist and I jumped into the bubble bath tab with an 'inside' view. As my man said ‘It’s a perfect place for honeymooners to make babies’. Well, we were a bit late for that :)

Waking up in such a place was as romantic as our evening arrival was. Sun, blue sky, a bit chilly and mountains on the background.. Perfect December day. We went for breakfast and continued being amazed. The food at this place was top class. All homemade, not too much but delicious.. Well, talking about Spanish food I’m afraid I would have to write a separate blog about it.

The New Year celebration was also special. We were 4 couples – total strangers to each other with the only common thing of staying at hotel Barosse. It was definitely different. So in the end we met nice people, had interesting conversations (I really wished my Spanish was better), got amazingly delicious 3 course-menu dinner with fantastic Spanish wine, followed Spanish traditions of eating the grapes when the clock bell rang and enjoyed some music.

The place is refurbished by a lovely couple – the owners of the hotel. They have 4 rooms in the house and one room in a small house outside. All of them are beautifully decorated. The main house has a spa and sauna even for more relaxation if it’s possible to imagine. The food is home-made and everything done by the owners with local products. So you feel very ‘homie’ there.

Also the area around is beautiful (Jaca, Huesca, Aragon, Spain). You need a car to drive around though. And if you are at Barosse it is worth visiting the city of Jaca with its fortress, cathedral and delicious local food and wine restaurants.

If you are seeking romance, quietness, good food and wine, beautiful nature... or just random 6 strangers to celebrate New Year with (in case you need a getaway from your family), Barosse is totally recommended, I am sure you won’t regret it. I hope we will come back some day but for us it will be a while as we need to wait for the little one to grow up a bit.

In case you decide to go there:

Antonina, mil gracias por este bonito post!!

J & G